The capital of the United Kingdom is London.


Be thorough.

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Three kings and two eights earned him a full house.


How do I stop him?


His courage will carry him through this difficult job.

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I paid 3 dollars for the book.

All of these meetings are conducted in English.

When will that picture I wanted enlarged be ready?


I will not hear of you going out alone after dark.

The roses have a nice fragrance.

It takes me a lot of time in the morning to get ready for work.

He married a rich girl.

What am I supposed to do with them?

The 50 unit phone card.

I warmed up beside the fire.

An individual is the smallest unit of the society.

I was in the train for twelve hours.

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This is insulting.

You don't even like swimming.

I know it from him.


I started last in the race.

I do not want him to be careless.

I was insulted in front of other people.

I spent last Sunday reading a novel.

We're real excited about that.


Neal isn't well today.

Now the mountain is hidden by the clouds.

Let's do this later.

There are many stores on either side of the street.

Our living room is sunny.


My bicycle has gone out of commission.


He ascribed his success to his diligence.


Isn't that where we first met?

It is still as cold as ever.

Is it really important to you why I quit smoking?


It was gracious of you to accept.

Lukas doesn't have to do that now, does he?

The problem is me.

When she saw me, she was embarrassed.

I have nothing to ask forgiveness for.

The trees have begun to bud.

Christophe announced his decision Monday.

Is it too late to change my mind?

It wasn't a stupid idea.


Those interested in the employment vacancy can send their resume to the human resources e-mail.

The prospects for Japan's future look dismal.

Some of the cobalt used in phone and laptop batteries is dug out by hand in Congo.

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He got kicked off the team.


Mahesh and I haven't seen each other for a long time.

Is that what you did to her?

I suppose I'll just have to improvise.

I've been waiting for the right time.

I see you're all awake.


Knut had a wonderful time in Boston.

I wish you'd stick around for a few more days.

I like that statue.

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Raanan said that he and Nici will probably be a little late.

When you're young and you're in love, the world seems beautiful.

Why didn't you go back for her?

We weren't expecting this.

A person who steals deserves punishment.


The aquifer provides water for irrigation.

I've been to the seaside by car.

We are all in the hand of God.

I'm not bad at all!

That motorcycle isn't expensive.


Foods rich in vitamin E include dark-green, leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and whole-grain cereals.

What if we get caught?

Much work, little money.


They demoted you.

People all over the world are anxious for peace.

Speak slower, please.

I believe in Jesus Christ.

We're not going to be able to call you.

He took her by the hand.

I was hoping we could play tennis this afternoon.

The professor requires excellent work of his students.

I really wasn't sure.


Don't mess around and finish your meal quickly.

I just want to get back to work.

Suddenly, he changed the subject.

I got distracted and lost all sense of time.

What do you see now?

I was starting to worry.

Pass me the ketchup, please.

Tait was anxious.

The function of the heart is to pump blood.


Was last month November?

We wanted to talk to him.

I begin this afternoon.

Brodie ought to have gone with Lois.

The King of Sweden, to whom this part of the country belonged, more than once gave orders to cut down the haunted wood, but there was no one with courage enough to obey his commands.

Randolph is generous and good natured.

Trying has already left.

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I don't know, nor do I care.

This house is nearby, it has two bedrooms and a living room, and the decoration isn't bad; it's 1500 a month.

She cannot stand what her husband does.

He took a book from the bookshelf.

Tell me exactly what to do.


Years of practice has enabled me to keep accounts without difficulty.

Maybe Geoff will just leave us alone.

Sandip hired Sekar.

She was steaming with anger.

I was too happy to sleep.

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They defended their country against the invaders.

This is how you do it.

It was careless of me to do something like that.

The situation has gotten out of my control. Nothing is going as expected.

A stranger spoke to me.

The strike affected the nation's economy.

Of course, I told him.

The loaf of bread was so fine that nobody could even describe it, for only in fairyland does one find such marvelous loaves.

Through his own efforts and a bit of luck, he won first prize in the contest.

Will you explain the last part in detail?

I'd recommend that you try to relax.

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I'm with the FBI.

He likes vegetables, especially cabbage.

Is that a riddle?


Saddam Hussein had disappeared into hiding.


He demanded that the savage dog be kept tied up.

Sure honey.

She showed hardly any interest in the photos.


You didn't tell anyone else, did you?

Johann can't come in here.

He has a gift for drawing.

I know who you voted for.

Jill is popular with the girls.

He will leave Japan in April.

Billy knows the family.

I don't have time to spend studying English.

He is little, if at all, inferior to you.

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Can I have a word with you in private?

You could never do that.

It is impossible to be always a hero, but you can always remain a man.


I was only a seven-year-old girl at that time.

Our water supply is very short.

It may seem like a minor thing to you, but for a lot of people this is really difficult to do.


It warrants your attention.

Ann has a weakness for chocolate.

No has the right to vote.


She was the most beautiful girl that I had ever laid my eyes on.


Wine is the software of a meal. Meats and vegetables are but its hardware.


You're a loser.


A strange man trespassed on my property.


I think it's possible that we may win.

Can you handle it?

The experience will do you good.

What Ramon ate for dinner didn't cost much.

Reading makes me happy.

We've got to warn her.

Will you come with me to the concert?


I think it'd be better if Felix didn't tell Jennie about this.

Larry bought a new camera last month.

I have only 10 books.

I've told you a thousand times.

There are five apples in the box.


I have a toaster.

Provide water to the thirsty and food to the hungry.

The older he got, the more famous he became.