Hold the ball with both hands.

Of course that's the way it is!

She has been trapped an hour already.

I'm pretty sure I could do that.

I don't know anything about this.

Casper told Pierette that she shouldn't walk alone after dark.

Don't look back. You are never completely alone.

Careful preparations ensure success.

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Which is your stronger language?

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Matt knows some French.

He didn't kiss me.

It runs deeper than that.

They can understand everything he's saying.

Shai is really stressed out.

This word isn't used like that.

When will they start logging?

I think that there are many places to see there.

The police were indifferent to the matter.

There were no newspapers.

Can you ice skate?

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What else can I do to help you?


I think what you just told me was a lie.

Soccer is most popular in Brazil.

Courtney walked into the living room.


I just want to make sure that doesn't happen again.


I told Norbert I'd talk to Leif.


I think this is a case in point.

He was lying on the bed.

The unalterable rhythm of mathematics is definition, theorem, proof.

The apples are red.

How much is a meter of this red silk?

I want everything put back where it was.

I'm not busy anymore.


The horse that won the race was owned by Mr Johnson.

Leung went camping with one of his friends.

I'd agree with that.

I haven't seen her for a while.

When was the last time you called Thierry?

Let the paper be signed.

I don't think Sanity is listening.

The walls of this apartment are weather-beaten after many years of wind and rain.

We just want to buy enough for three people.

Sir may have no choice.

More and more people promised to support him.

This is simply not true.

Let's see. I bought it last week.

It looks like Sangho has a crush on Dawn.

I figured it was a bad time to call.

He is not going to get ahead.

Julie and Steven met at the seaside last year and fell in love.

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Let's not discuss this in front of the children.


You'd have to have rocks in your head not to take advantage of this offer.


Sputnik was launched on October 4, 1957.


They handcuffed Sundar.

Ramesh fed the sheep.

Did anyone see him in Germany?

Tor likes horses.

You have expressed your argument.

I'll make it up to her.

We wound up at the cinema.


Mrs. Liu visited me last week, and today I will return her visit.

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I cannot purr like a cat. I'm a dog!

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He is a Newton of our day.

Pamela appeared to be sleeping.

This is the world's most costly earthquake.

I should've warned you earlier.

The car that I bought was delivered to me this morning.


I thought you had somewhere else to be.

I have to speak to Phillip in French. It's the only language he knows.

They should let you see him.


I will give up drinking at any cost.


Who is visiting us?

Meeks encouraged Allan to do that.

Do you know anyone in Boston?

Ozan complained to Sharon about the food.

When I woke up this morning, I felt a little ill.

We have to become a better team.

I still can't remember what I'm supposed to do.

He who hesitates is lost.

You shall judge of a man by his foes as well as by his friends.


Liisa succeeded in her task.

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I'm sorry, I don't buzz in people I don't know.

Tama sometimes goes for a walk by himself.

"Is that a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?" "It's a Maserati."

I think I can get them to help.

We did our best to prepare Pradeep for what was going to happen.

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I'll call them and apologize.


I had my military service in Ankara.


Michel doesn't exactly have an airtight alibi.

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If she'd set off now, she would make it on time.

We must get rid of this foul garbage right away.

Not one was left alive.


They would be in the same class.

I don't really know what you mean.

My father doesn't approve of her.

Lou didn't give me an ounce of trouble.

This is pretty gross.

The receptionist forced me to sign my name on the paper.

I fell in love with Heinrich long before she even knew who I was.

His family didn't have much money.

How far is it from here to the station?

Make haste, and you will be in time.

Let's get some more information first.

I wish you'd consider coming back to work for us.

I regretted doing that.


Roland is losing blood.

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Tim won't be around next year.

It was pretty dangerous.

Gigi and the others arrived late last night.

I once dated a girl just like Sigurd.

Jorge is here in this hospital.

This flower smells nice.

The doctor cured him of his cancer.

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Suzanne is not pulling any punches.

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You are not allowed to leave here.

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Miriamne didn't mean to tell Rupert the secret, but he did.


I'll take my car.

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I'll hire whoever he recommends.

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Corey has been putting aside a little money each month.

They'd find a way to do whatever they want to do anyway.

Willie put the first aid kit back where he found it.

His composition was free from mistakes.

Tell us why you went to see Tim.

Do you have any idea what the population of Boston is?

Would you like to eat some udon?


That's very characteristic for him.

Space and Florian are in the cafeteria.

We'll call you when your table is ready.

That's not fair.

He said he would run 200 kilometers in a day and he did.

The car I rented from you has a problem.

We're going to do everything we can to find Shyam.


We probably don't have enough money.

I won't leave without you.

Since we got married, he's become a devoted family man.

A lot of houses were on fire.

We're closed today.

Claire denied knowing anything about it.

Who else is with you?

He saves the greater part of his salary with a view to buying a car.

I like doing stuff like that.


I wonder what I should get you for your birthday.

In came Hirofumi.

He fell and hurt his tailbone.


Sleeping on a carpet is great.


They were all waiting for me.

This train will get you there in half the time.

Hand it over. That's all you've got?

He pretended not to know the answer.

I have always been very passionate about politics.

At the beginning it'll be tough, but everything's tough at the beginning.

I was always good at math.

He will lose his temper at the news.

I don't know what I'll do when you're gone.

I should like you to be my guest tonight.

Guido isn't so good at singing.

The bold knight didn't hesitate at the time to go onto the offensive.

I think Dominic will listen to me.

Everyone had a good time at the party.

The damage was minimal.

Pratapwant has an automatic card shuffler.

What's an amino acid?