My behavior was very odd.

That's what you do, isn't it?

Get with the others.

I like reading books.

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His office is convenient for the station.

I hope the rain stops soon.

It makes a big difference.


In Feng Shui, Qi is a type of energy or life force.


We should be able to do a lot better than this.

Marjane Satrapi's father is Ebi.

She lived a lonely life.

What will we do about getting tables, chairs and such?

I turned on the TV and the Grand Prix was being broadcasted.

I knew Nanda was good.

They found her, didn't they?


Stop tickling me!

I have to explain this to him.

Varda went to the Australian embassy to get a visa.

Kee has had a hard life.

What is the fare from Osaka to Akita?


This case has an affinity with that one.


Didn't it ever occur to them that they would be punished?


Nils will be able to swim soon.

He came down with a wallop.

We're having lunch here.

The police officers aimed their guns at Swamy.

Do you want some?

Socrates, who would easily have been acquitted by the judges, chose to die.

Go with them.

Very romantic!

Marsha broke his right arm in the accident.


What is your favorite time of year?

I miss you constantly.

I don't buy into this whole thing of being normal. There's no such thing as normal.


Gretchen lives by himself.


I admit that Leif was right.

I thought you said you were willing to help us find Brenda.

Do you know the boys who beat Malaclypse up?

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Grant played with the baby.


What do you think Heinrich means?

If you do this, you will regret it for the rest of your life.

Mahmoud won't let you down.

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He was amused at your suggestion.

The tone in which those words were spoken utterly belied them.

Jinny is creeping me out.

Clare isn't a crook.

Liz showed Eva around the city.


Everything was just so hard.


He took Jorinda home, where they were married, and lived happily together many years.

Thomas is very progressive, isn't he?

Rebecca died in 2013 in Boston.


Where did you kill them?

Artists are highly respected in France.

This is a small house, but it will do for us.

Was the gate wide open or just ajar?

Alejandro was a desperate fanatic.


I'm going to stop trying to be friendly with you.

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I've read that Thomas Edison's last words were "It's very beautiful over there."

I couldn't keep from smiling.

She comes from the South, as I knew from her accent.

Don't spoil the children.

This year New Year's Day falls on Sunday.

I knew Spy would like Ramon.

1.4 is a real number.

The rookie breathed new life into the team.

I got a flat tire.


Don't disturb her.

Forgive me, Brother.

She glared at me with angry eyes.

Please do it as soon as possible.

I came in view of the castle.

Walter has never participated in Thanksgiving celebrations.

I can read French.

She wanted to wash the dirty clothes.

He unexpectedly called you stupid.

I didn't graduate.

I am not a special person.

We saw a mountain in the distance.

She went to see him while he was staying in Boston.

Has Kory told Kee that he doesn't really know how to speak French?

I eat chocolate.


That's like the pot calling the kettle black.

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Something important has come up.

These aren't cheap.

I'll need at least a day to make the necessary preparations.

Are you sure this place is safe?

I love barbecue.

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Betty seems to never know exactly what he's supposed to be doing.

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Were you jealous of them?

I ran into Colin yesterday.

The girl was afraid to jump down from the roof.

What's the big news?

I'm almost seven feet tall.


We're not going to stop them.

Janet is nothing like me.

According to all probability, no language is totally free of loan words.

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Jeanne put his wallet back in his pocket.


I was told you'd be willing to help.

I thought for a moment Michael was going to start laughing.

My aunt brought up five children.

Congratulations! You just won a free cruise to the Bahamas!

That's what I'd tell Noemi.

I blew the whistle on him.

Let's all stay in touch.

She tried it with a friend.

If I am not mistaken.

Sharada could've told me about this earlier.

Earle can speak French better than the rest of us.


We were skeptical.

It makes me sad that you're going to leave this city.

Doctors refused to perform a second operation.

I have acted in good faith since the beginning.

I know exactly where to find the buried treasure.

Vincenzo heard a shout.

I don't like anything like hard work.

Alex's operation was going to cost a small fortune.

The new Tatoeba website will use a home-made "hyper" database, a "made-from-scratch" search engine, and will run on a tatoebux-OS server with a tatoetel CPU made entirely out of tatoebium.

She had an early breakfast.

The sky has brightened.

He was beaten to within an inch of his life.

Not a ray of light could reach the closet.

You can let him go now.

She told me about the evils of stealing.

Gil is off duty tonight.

I drive a Porsche.

Kathy had a bandage on his forehead.

France, Belgium, USA, Germany and Australia had committed genocides.

This can holds about 4 gallons.

If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it.

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Myron is very good at playing songs by Eric Clapton.

I don't like eggs.

It is white as snow.

On her way home, Cliff came across John.

She wanted him to tell her that he loved her.

Byron gathered his things and headed toward the door.

He is a man of his word.


"Are you ready?" "On the contrary, I have not even started yet."

Where were you yesterday afternoon?

He is a foreigner who does not speak French.

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The trees are big.

She is economically independent of her parents now.

Kyu isn't as qualified as Dori.

Renu has back problems.

You obviously want to buy that dress.


She protested to me that she had never done such a thing.

Do you know of an apartment I can rent that allows pets?

They hid themselves in the shadows.

He's a foreigner. He doesn't understand what we're saying.

He admitted that I was right.

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What time is sunset?

I have no idea what we are doing in our math class.

You are too critical of others' shortcomings.


Hand over the map!

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He will often sit and look at the sea for hours.

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He can swim fast.

Do you see anything you recognize?

Jinchao introduced himself to the people behind the counter.

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There have been hitches.

For the record, I'm not remotely interested.

You can walk for all I care.


I'll ship my baggage first.

My brother is arriving tomorrow morning.

Although I tell you to, you don't do it.