A Clear Strategy Forward

We are building a business that will provide for an ever-growing consumer need - creating jobs, providing relief to some who suffer, and perhaps helping to solve one of our nation's most troubling epidemics.

At New Coastal Group, Inc., we apply time-tested, proven management strategies; honed over decades of successful business development, and utilizing the best available technologies to build a dominant national brand. When we accomplish this, the rewards will be exceptional.

Our Product Offerings

New Coastal Group is bringing a full line of cannabis-infused products to the nationwide market, to be available by Q1 2019

Legalization is Sweeping the Nation

Currently 30 states have legalized cannabis either medicinally or recreationally, and seven bills wait in Congress for further legalization. The U.S. Cannabis industry is estimated at $53 billion (when factoring in black market sales) and is set to continue growing at an annual compounded rate of 30% for the next several years.

Coastal is poised to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity and reap potential windfall profits. We will apply proven corporate management skills, a multimedia advertising campaign, along with the world's best available technologies to aggressively pursue the establishment of a dominant national brand.


We Believe in Cannabis

Today, the medicinal benefits of cannabis are unmistakable and widely accepted. Once considered taboo, doctors, policy makers, law enforcement, and the public at large have come to embrace the healing power of cannabis now that data from several decades of clinical proof is readily available.

Coastal stands to gain from such a transition, while providing safe, affordable access to this natural medicine.



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