You came in late.

She turned away from me.

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When is Daddy coming home?

Certain creoles obtain an official status, for example like in Malaysia.

I think you're ruining your life.

We sailed in a boat on the river.

Imagine that I'm out of here.

Don't bet on that.

I'll be looking forward to it.

I was told never to do that.

Annard and Alastair answered simultaneously.

He was too angry to speak.

When does the class finish?

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Nobody wants to criticize my country.


Jean is something less than an expert pianist.

I think my job stinks.

Is your brother still in Germany?

You can't park in front of my house on weekends.

Kimmo is quite a bit taller than Denis.


Greg was just nervous.


This stuff is interesting.

He is very much of a scholar.

It's time to wake up.

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He wrote her to the effect that he loved her.

The boy's father entered the water and tried in vain to grab him from the alligator's jaws.

Which ice cream shop are you going to?

I'd like to leave feedback.

I'll explain it next time.


Syun wants Piotr to study harder.

I have life insurance.

School is over... for now.


Rob keeps her laptop with her at all times.

In this world you will have trouble.

I was compelled to hold a strap.

Hartmann followed the group out the door.

I am on my way to one of my favorite places ever!

The step-mother was very cruel to the twins, and beat them, and half-starved them, and constantly drove them out of the house.

Please don't ask unnecessary questions.

He kissed me on the forehead.

I am in a new house.


I don't think it's fair to single out Diane.

You know how much I've always wanted to go to Boston.

Dwayne is right outside.

Van told Kris to try to keep calm.

Book the flight to go back home!

How do you play poker?

Maybe Travis isn't as stupid as he looks.

In ancient times people believed that the earth was flat.

You shouldn't have told him such a thing.


Thou shouldst smell the roses.

That's an interesting piece of information.

Where do you want to work?

A foreign tourist was caught in a strong rip and swept out to sea.

He put the blue folder down on the table.

I'm just finishing off my homework.

Revised has decided not to drop out of school.

We're not finished yet.

Everything looked OK.

Anders had the fewest toys out of anyone in his class, which motivated him to make friends quickly.

I don't feel like taking a walk now.


We shouldn't leave anything to chance.


And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men.

Is that why they died?

It being very cold, we stayed at home.

I'm getting sleepy.

I've met her before, but I can't place her.

He likes me.

Please wake me up at 7.

You've worked very hard.

Meehan is still relaxing.


Russia expresses regret for those lost in the hostage incident.


All right, hold on a second.


I knew I couldn't do it, but I tried anyway.


I didn't do anything yesterday evening. I just lay around on the sofa!

Let's hope you're wrong for once.

I can understand many foreign languages, but speak none.

I think that Cory is thirty years old.

Would you like me to stay?

I've had enough of your excuses.

She met him for breakfast.

Oleg didn't kiss anybody.

Are you really that ignorant?

I'll have to tell Joel.

Max knew why Sjaak slapped John.

You must see your dentist.

That's not funny at all anymore.

Is there any reason for that?

Win knows many things.

What a long cucumber.

I'm glad someone told me what needed to be done.

You look different.

Maybe we can repair it.

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You're welcome to join us.


I was under arrest for killing Bobby.

Does she have a big nose?

We need to start winning some games.

There is no "I" in team.

It is sold by the pound.


I tried to get him to come.

The superpowers negotiated in earnest for the settlement of the intense conflict.

Everyone is hoping nothing bad will ever happen in Japan.

Life is too short to learn German.

He is known to everyone as a great scholar.

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And your mom also.

Antea is a pretty woman's name.

She has something different.

Are you wearing perfume?

Hello, have you already eaten?


Today, at midday, we shall eat cherries from Italy.

Jeffrey loves to tell stories.

It's really not very interesting.

Raymond is standing right over there.

I suppose Mohammad told you that.

I value your friendship more than anything.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

In most cases, people, even the most vicious, are much more naive and simple-minded than we assume them to be. And this is true of ourselves too.

You and I are fairly evenly matched.

My father has a blue and gray tie.

The puncture wound was very deep and had to be examined for infection.

The sun exerts a stronger gravitational pull on the moon than does the earth.

Instant noodles are a staple among college students.

Anton is a Red Cross volunteer.

Tuna Elton, the rector's only child, a sweet maiden of twenty-two summers stood at the window of her pretty chamber, looking out upon the wonderful picture which frost and sunshine, with the long stretch of valley, and distant wood-clad hills, had made for her.


I went swimming in the river.


A house divided against itself cannot stand.


We were very tired at the time.


I have never seen anything quite like this.


Arlene checked to make sure he had his ticket and a passport.

I want to be there for her.

I heard what happened to Jeff.

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I think you can't understand that feeling unless you're from the same generation.


Do like I said, OK?


His creditors are after him.

He is holding it.

I was sleepy.


Do you want us to help you?

My surname is Ling.

She cannot so much as write her own name.

Pim and I ate dinner together last night.

I'm scared of Louise's dog.

I received a ball for the doll.

Please tell me when he'll be back.

Sangho is being unreasonable.

I'm pretty sure I'll be there by 2:30.

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Have you ever encouraged your children to go on a diet?

Gregory threw out the garbage.

Obviously, this cannot be the work of one person. This is why Tatoeba is collaborative.

He looked around the room.

The sun shines full of fire, but I only see your eyes.

Jinny is now my girlfriend.

Brandy sat at his computer and started typing something.


You'll miss me when I'm gone.

He says that I'm attentive.

He is older than I by two years.


We finally meet. I have been waiting for this day for so long.


We can't send them out there.

I want Kirsten to hear the whole story.

I have no idea why it is so.

She picked a flower from the pot and gave it to me.

I would like it if we could spend more time together.

Osaka is the center of commerce in Japan.

The ship slowly started to move.

Be more concise in your summaries!

Something seems to have caught Linda's attention.

The tyre is a little under-inflated.

Lemon juice is an example of an acidic liquid.